Conduct Market Research on Consumer Behavior

Time Required: 1-3 months
Location: Abroad (or bring prior research and resources to Quito)
Requirements: Marketing and/or advertising experience

  • Examine consumer behavior of various markets
        Tap into general consumer behavior research on the internet or libraries. Research books on handicraft markets and general fashion consumer trends.
           United States and Canada
  • Determine priority of customer benefits within each segment and ensure that marketing message is focused on the top benefit of each segment (this may be different within segments)
        Example: Highlight the rainforest sustainability story if targeting environmentally conscious customer. Highlight the uniqueness and exclusivity of jewelry pieces if targeting fashionista.
       Write a position statement for each segment. Needs to be aligned with overall Kallari positioning statement
  • Collect data from distributors. This requires an initial email questionnaire and follow up phone interview with store manager (i.e. museum gift shop, boutiques)
        Customer base profit This data will be used to better profile the different segments in international markets and track changes in segment profiles.
       Type of products that have highest sales versus lowest sales This data will help Kallari assemble better packets and future product development.

    NB: Excellent opportunity for business undergrad or graduate program. Should fulfill Market Research requirement

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