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 Basket with Straps (31-35 cm)

 Basket with Straps (31-35 cm)

These traditional baskets with straps are called Tazas, which are useful for carrying heavy loads. They have been used for generations and are still an important item in Kichwa life for gathering rainforest fruits, palm heart, tubers, and harvesting cocoa or coffee beans. Use yours as a decorative addition to your home or to store linens, newspapers, magazines, and other household items. The traditional Taza basket is made from the tazawaska vine, a bamboo or wooden structural support, a karawaska carrying strap, and pita thread to extend the lifespan of the strap. These rustic baskets will last for decades and full size ones can hold over 50 pounds. We fashion these baskets from domesticated species and common weeds. The small palm leaves that form the skeleton of the basket are the same as those used to thatch our roofs. The colorful fibers are harvested from other common species. It takes one Kichwa artisan approximately three days to produce the tight weave that is characteristic of these baskets.

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