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 Seed Tagua Necklace (Carved)

 Seed Tagua Necklace (Carved)

These necklaces are decorated with pendants made from a palm seed known as tagua, or vegetable ivory. Each seed pendent adorning these necklaces is carved by hand. They feature rainforest animals, birds, insects, leaves, flowers, palms, fish and ancient icons that have special importance to Kichwa artisans. We carve the tagua seeds by hand and can guarantee there is not another pendant in the world exactly like yours. We cultivate small fields and visit our rainforests to harvest seeds, fibers, branches and vines for our unique jewelry. We apply traditional techniques passed down by our ancestors to create Kallari bracelets, anklets, chokers, and necklaces.

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Este producto esta en nuestro catalogo desde martes 20 abril, 2004.

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