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 ExtraLarge Canoe (81-100 cm, Red

 ExtraLarge Canoe (81-100 cm, Red

The extensive system of rivers and streams in the Amazon has traditionally served as a the transportation network for the rainforest communities. For generations, the Kichwa people have relied on dug-out canoes to move goods and people from one place in the jungle to another. Many of the communities in the Kallari cooperative are only accessible by canoe. It is likely that your minature version took part of its journey to your house on the real thing! Canoes come in sizes from Mini, which is perfect for a butter dish, to Large, which can hold a loaf of French bread. This canoe is part of our line of dark-colored hardwood (red cedar or mahogany) hand carved canoes. We apply a light all-natural oil finish to each of the canoes before they are exported.

***This product requires additional shipping and handling charges due to weight. Please mark the "Special Shipping" option upon check out.

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