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 Carved Tagua Seed People

 Carved Tagua Seed People

Our tagua seed people offer the perfect addition to your holiday tree. We carve a tagua, or vegetable ivory, seed to form the center of every ornament. Each tagua carving adorning our seed people is carved by hand. They feature rainforest animals, birds, insects, leaves, flowers, palms, fish and ancient icons that have special importance to Kichwa artisans. We carve the tagua seeds by hand and can guarantee there is not another pendant in the world exactly like yours. Show your holiday cheer and commitment to conservation with our rainforest decorations. We harvest seeds, bamboo, wood and pita fibers to create our 100% natural holiday decorations. The natural colors and unique designs are a wonderful addition to every tree, and their natural beauty outlasts glass, plastic, or metal ornaments.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 December, 2003.

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  Tuesday 09 May, 2006  
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