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 The Exchange Project: Administration Tool Preview Release 2.0 
Any changes made with this administration tool takes effect immediately on the database. If you are unsure of what this administration tool can, and will, do, then it is suggested that you read through the database model documentation.
What you do with this tool is caused by your own actions. No one but you can be held responsible for your actions.
It is recommended that backups are made reguarly. To make backups with MySQL, use mysqldump:
mysqldump catalog >./catalog.sql     // dump the model + data to ./catalog.sql.
mysql catalog <./catalog.sql     // import the model + data to the database.
This administration tool is made for Preview Release 2.0 of The Exchange Project. For quick notes on this administration tool, go to the support site.
NOTE: To upload or remove images, make sure the catalog/images directory has WRITE permission for the user that runs your Apache process (eg, nobody). This can be made by executing the following commanda:

cd catalog
chmod -R nobody.nobody images

 New Customers 
 Samuel Majerowicz   02/10/2006 
 Maik Cayapa   09/28/2005 
 Maik Cayapa   08/08/2005 
 Emily Marchese   04/30/2005 
 robert madison   03/07/2005 
 Last Orders 
    $0.00USD   05/09/2006 
    $0.00USD   05/02/2005 
    $0.00USD   04/27/2005 
 Maria Dean   $85.00USD   12/09/2004 
 Lara Dakshina Zadrozny Pereira   $30.00USD   11/19/2004 
 New Products 
 Woven Choker (10-12 strands+seed   04/20/2004 
 Woven Choker (7-9 strands+seeds)   04/20/2004 
 Woven Choker (7-9 strands)   04/20/2004 
 Woven Choker (3-6 strands+seeds)   04/20/2004 
 Woven Choker (3-6 strands)   04/20/2004 
 New Reviews 
 Belt   08/30/2004 
 Traditional Bowl (30-34cm, Red)   04/13/2004 
 Traditional Bowl (30-34cm, Red)   04/13/2004 
  Tuesday, 9th May, 2006

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