Develop Volunteer Recruitment Process

Time Required: 3 months
Location: Quito and/or Abroad
Requirements: Basic-conversational Spanish; good organisational skills

What kind of volunteers do we need to attract to continue work on the marketing project? How do we target these volunteers? How do we advertise for the volunteers?

  • Need for a volunteer project coordinator in Ecuador best for a longer term volunteer (6 months or more)
  • Volunteers do not need to be located in Ecuador. This is especially true for projects that require local market research (U.S., EU, Japan)
  • Requires a volunteer coordinator in Ecuador (maybe 1 in Quito, 1 in Tena) to manage project work and provide key information (background) for projects
  • Contact universities to get free student workers
  • Marketing departments
  • Career management offices
  • Other avenues to recruit volunteers for Ecuador
              Currently only avenue is the Kallari website
              New ideas
                  Use different avenues for different needs i.e. advertise with design school for design skills
                  Build another page that lists specific positions and include specific responsibilities, skills, and requirements
                  Once specific job openings have been created, they can be posted on the Kallari website and the descriptions can be sent to other venues as well.
  • Create a database to track current and past volunteers. Send regular e-newsletter and project updates to maintain relationships.

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