Conduct Market Research for Second Kallari Location

Time Required: 1-3 months. One month per market
Location: Quito and Tena
Requirements: Spanish; market research and analysis skills

  • Tena (internet café or restaurant): Maik has original study from Tena (on feasibility of internet café). The original study suggested that an internet café would cannibalize others in the area. However, the situation may have changed, i.e. Tourism has increased dramatically in the area.
  • Quito Airport (small coffee shop or handicrafts shop) Data needed includes:
        Who is going through the airport?
        What do travelers buy?
        What rental options are available? What is the cost of rent?
        What are the implications of possible new 2007 airport?
        Contact Michael Wang owner of Quiport. Details on the database.
  • Old Town (large organic gourmet restaurant and/or small coffee roaster). Data needed includes:
        Which streets have more foot traffic?
        Which areas are more attractive/touristed?
        How many foreign tourists go to the old town? Is this number increasing?
        What is the market and current competition for high-end restaurant with locals and tourists?
        Gather data comparing renting or purchasing space.

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