Baskets with Tops

We fashion these baskets from domesticated species and common weeds. The small palm leaves that form the skeleton of the basket are the same as those used to thatch our roofs. The colorful fibers are harvested from other common species. It takes one Kichwa artisan approximately three days to produce the tight weave that is characteristic of these baskets.

Our baskets with lids are favorites for storage in the kitchen, bath or bedroom. They are popular for storing napkins, cosmetics, cotton balls, toilet paper rolls, jewelry, or other odds and ends.

Most of these baskets are made by artisans in the Chichico Rumi community, which is separated in two parts by a road. Most families in this community have small rainforest properties and fields, where the species necessary for basket production are cultivated and harvested. The artisans in this community have been weaving these baskets for the project for over four years and produce the most consistent quality and craftsmanship. The sale of the baskets to the Kallari craft cooperative serve as an important part of their family income.

Kallari baskets are all handmade from natural rainforest fibers
Baskets with Tops
Mouth Diameter Price Product Number
cm inches  
6-10 2.5-4 $25.00 #2012
11-15 4.5-6 $30.00 #2013
16-20 6.5-8 $35.00 #2014
21-25 8.5-10 $40.00 #2015
26-30 10.5-11.5 $45.00 #2016

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