Round Bowls

These simple, beautiful round bowls are ideal as decorative pieces or as a functional part of your home. They are perfect for holding fruits and salads or as display item in any room of the house. The design of the bowl is based on traditional wooden gold pans, which are still used in the Napo River region to pan gold from the Napo and its tributaries.

Shown Above - Red Ceder

All Kallari wood crafts are hand-carved and have a light, all natural oil finish. Our crafts are fashioned from wood which has been harvested from stumps of trees cut down years ago. Other bowls are made from the buttress root, which can be harvested without killing the tree.

When struck with a family emergency, the market for these beautiful wooden products encourages farmers to sell high quality crafts through the cooperative instead of cut additional trees to sell at a low price. It may take a minimum of two days to make a round bowl, but it requires little wood and encourages the farmers to save their trees for future craft production. Currently, if a farmer decides to cut a tree and sell its wood to intermediaries, they may only earn $6 for a large beam, totaling up to $200 per tree. By making crafts for sale through the Kallari cooperative from the excess stumps and limbs from other trees, they can earn much more than by cutting down a live tree.

Round bowls are available in your choice of a dark-colored hardwood (Red Cedar or Mahogany) or a light-colored hardwood (Yellow Cedar).

Fair Trade wholesale prices are shown below
Due to the uniqueness of each item we sell, some prices might be slightly higher or lower than shown below.
Round Bowl
Dark Wood
(Mahogany or Red Cedar)
Diameter Price Product Number
cm inches  
20-24 8-9.5 $20.00 #1001
25-29 9.6-11 $25.00 #1002
30-34 11.1-12.5 $30.00 #1003
34-39 12.6-14 $35.00 #1004
40-44 10.5-11.5 $40.00 #1005
Round Bowl
Light Wood
(Yellow Cedar)
Diameter Price Product Number
cm inches  
20-24 8-9.5 $15.00 #1006
25-29 9.6-11 $17.50 #1007
30-34 11.1-12.5 $22.50 #1008
35-39 12.6-14 $27.50 #1009
40-44 10.5-11.5 $35.00 #1010

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